Easy DIY Flower Wreath

Easy DIY Flower Wreath

Michelle Brasher

Where are the Women that love to create and reflect while in Luteal phase? (the phase before our period). I haven't always listened to my body and would tend to push myself when I actually needed to slow down. I find that in these sweet moments we often hear what our next step should be. I'm allowing myself to be ok with being still. Taking a Selah moment. In these moments I tend to see things differently and find projects that bring me Joy.  Today I saw dead flowers laying around the house and had the notion to make something.

Repurpose wilted flowers

I grabbed my craft box and found some left over embroidery hoops from my last big project and decided to make a wreath to hang behind my desk. It was perfect as I'm in the process of moving and redecorating our work studio. 

 This is so easy and satisfying as its a project that can be completed rather quickly and requires only a few items.

Hot gluing wilted flowers


To recreate this you will need...

*Wilted Flowers 

*Faux Flowers 

*Hot Glue Gun

*Embroidery hoop

*Ribbon or piece of fabric 


If you'd like to get a little more fancy you can paint your hoop, add more flowers, or decor. I love the simplify of this one. I added a piece of vintage lace I had in my craft box. 

Vintage Lace

I hope you love the simplicity of this as much as I do! 









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